Ceremony and Wedding Music
Here is a list of some of the most popular Wedding Ceremony Music wedding music, ceremony music Sound Clips:  
Wedding ceremony music, also known as nuptial music, consists of classical selections whose moods and tempos are suited for the traditional wedding ceremony music. Many of these pieces, such as the Wedding Marches by both Wagner and Mendelssohn, are synonymous with the wedding ceremony music.

This, however, does not mean that other classical music cannot be substituted for certain nuptial selections. Our Entertainers are more likely to know a nuptial selection and your guests are more likely to recognize and associate it with a wedding ceremony. A suitable non-nuptial selection may, however, create a lasting impression with your guests. Don't be afraid to ask your Entertainer about a non-nuptial classical selection. Some are more than happy to increase their repertoire.

For a religious ceremony, you should first check with your clergy to find the limitations on material and instrumentation, if any. Proceedings go much more smoothly for you, your music providers, and your clergy when these guidelines are followed.

If you want a non-nuptial selection, remember to consult your music provider. An experienced provider can tell you if the piece is suitable for a certain part of the ceremony.

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