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Wedding Reception Planning Sheet

  The Sound Spectrum offers the unique kind of planning and know-how that only wedding music exerts can provide.  We have been entertaining at Wedding Receptions since 1966 and have performed at Thousands of Wedding Receptions just like yours. Because of our experience, and the fact that many people are not familiar with the proper order or characteristics of a Wedding Reception, we have provided this worksheet for your planning. Each event will be arranged and announced for you in a PROFESSIONAL manner. The Format below is recommended for most Receptions. Your DJ will use it to help Plan and Control the Reception for you. We will attempt to COORDINATE all activities with the other Vendors so you can enjoy the Celebration. Please remember that this is only a guide and can be altered in any way to fit your requirements. Background music (lite rock, jazz, instrumental, etc.) will be started when your Guests begin to arrive and continue until the First Dance.
Each couple will be asked to supply the information requested below so your DJ can add the PERSONAL TOUCH to the Reception. He will meet with you and the other Vendors to insure everything goes according to schedule and plan.

_____1. Will the Wedding Ceremony be at the same location as Reception: Yes____ No____
_____2. Would you like Ceremony Music: Yes____ No____ Traditional Wedding March ____
_____3. Will you have a Receiving Line: Yes____ No____ At Church____ At Reception____ (approx. 20 min.)
_____4. Introduction: Bride/Groom____ Parents____ Bridal Party____ With Congratulations____ (10 min.)
_____5. Will there be a Cocktail/Social period before Meal: Yes____ No____ How long:________
_____6. Toast: Before Meal____ After Meal____ Other time____ Maid of Honor: Yes____ No____ (3 min)
_____7. Will There Be A Benediction Before Meal: Yes____ No____
_____8. Meal type or food serviced: Sit-down___ Buffet___ Finger food___ Hors d'oeuvres___ (1 to 1.5 hrs.)
_____9. First Dance: Bride and Groom alone. Yes____ No____ Parents join this song. Yes____ No____
_____10. Second Dance: Parents and/or Bridal Party join Bride/Groom on dance floor. May change partners.
_____11. Third Dance: Bridal Party and/or remaining Guests are invited to join those already dancing.
_____12. Open Dancing: Music from Request Form and requests taken from Guests at this time. (30-45 minute)
_____13. Father/Daughter Dance: Yes____ No____ Mother/Son Dance: Yes___ No___
Together: Yes____ No____
_____14. Money Dance: Yes____ No____ (will continue until no more Guests wish to dance, allow 15-20 min)
Last Chance Dance, Dollar Dance or Wine Dance: _________________________________
_____15. Open Dancing: Return to selected music from Request form and Guests. (30-60 minutes).
_____16. Cake Cutting: Yes____ No____ (After some dancing or when Guests begin to leave, allow 10 min.).
_____17. Throwing Bouquet and Garter: Done while cake is being cut and served for Guests, (allow 10 min.).
Song for Garter:____________________________ Type of Removal:______________________
_____18. Open Dancing: Persons who caught the Bouquet/Garter will start next song. Dance music for Guest.
_____19. Last Dance: This is dedicated to Bride/Groom. They will start the dance, then all remaining Guests
will be asked to join hands and form a circle around Bride/Groom on the dance floor.
Bride's 1st Name:______________________________________
Bride's NEW LAST NAME:_____________________________
Grooms 1st Name:_____________________________________
Bride's Parents Names:__________________________________
Groom's Parents Names:_________________________________
Best Man:______________________________________
Maid of Honor:__________________________________
Special Guests/Friends:________________________________________________________
Phone:( _____ ) _______________________
Phone:( _____ ) _______________________
Phone:( _____ ) _______________________
Honeymoon Location:___________________________________
Departure Date:________________________
Special Requests/Instructions: __________________________________________________
  Sound Spectrum personnel work with the Bride and Groom along with the other Wedding Vendors to personally help plan your Reception. You will be contacted two or three weeks before your Wedding to arrange a meeting. This sheet should be returned to The Sound Spectrum before this time. Contact will be again made one week before Wedding to accommodate any last minute changes.  

Download PDF Version of this form.